About LavenderCat


Inspired by the atmospheric beauty of Studio Ghibli, the seamless blending of illustration and fine art by Takashi Murakami, the playful colors of Lisa Frank, and the fantastical subjects of modern anime/manga, LavenderCat is painting her world with vivid strokes.  While also taking influence from contemporary artists, Catherine Suan-Perez is creating her own unique identity by fusing her love for bright color palettes with fascinating subjects.  


Cat started her journey in art from a very young age - while most of us were playing with dinosaur figures as children, she was drawing them!  She never lost the love for creating beauty which eventually led her to pursuing a B.A. of Fine Art in California.  Cat eventually made her way out to Denver, CO where she has established her brand LavenderCat.  She now travels the United States, bringing her art to audiences that are seeking to explore her colorful creations!



Since 2010, her mediums have varied as Cat journeyed to discover her style.  In the past, she has worked with colored pencil, graphite, and watercolor.  Today, she creates her pieces with gouache paint, oil on canvas, and digital painting.  Experimenting with her art is a core value of LavenderCat - nothing ventured, nothing gained!  We are excited to share Cat's journey with fans new and old in hopes to color their world and potentially inspire new artists to chase their dreams as well!